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Kitchen sink with wood surrounds

Wood finishing

Midnight Finishing offers finishing services for everything from one-off furniture to bathroom reno’s to brand new houses. Midnight Finishing uses primarily pre-catalyzed lacquers, but is set up to spray waterbased finishes, polyurethanes, and pigmented finishes. Midnight only uses the highest quality industrial finishes and fully stands behind the products. All products are sprayed using HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) sprayers, technology that improves the efficiency of finish delivery.

When you use Midnight Finishing, you can expect:

  • Pick-up of materials needing finishing
  • Sanding to remove scuffs and to prepare wood for finish
  • Staining/ colour (if needed)
  • Three coats of finish applied to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Delivery to job site

Midnight Finishing has worked on award winning jobs from small renovations and multi-million dollar homes, to boutique hotels, resorts, and well used public areas.